Yara – High quality fertilizers for all crops


Multinational chemical company YARA International ASA based in Norway, is a world’s leading fertilizer producer, with manufacturing facilities and subsidiaries worldwide. In 2007 Yara took over a FinnishKemira GrowHow” fertilizer industry, whose exclusive agent Agro-FertiCrop was at that moment. Yara has retained all ofKemira” products and brands, so by selecting Yara you choose well-known Kemira quality.

Each Yara’s product is primarily designed to fully meet all plant’s needs regardless of crop type, as well as differences in the quality of soil and climate. We offer a complete range of fertilizers for plant nutrition:

  • Granulated (field applied) fertilizers – composite NPK fertilizers with trace elements for basic and pre-sowing fertilization and nutrition during the growing season
  • Water soluble fertilizers - composite NPK fertilizers with trace elements dissolved in water without residues, for crop nutrition by irrigation systems, hydroponics and foliar treatments
  • Additional fertilizers - mono and two-component fertilizers for basic and pre-sowing fertilization, nutrition during the growing season (applied on the field surface, incorporated to soil, by irrigation system or for hydroponic cultivation) or foliar fertilization.