Strawberry young plants

mazzoni logo 300x158Agro-FertiCrop is distributing certified cold-stored plants – strawberry and fruit seedlings – produced by renowned Italian company Mazzoni. Our agronomists provide professional support to farmers related to crop nutrition in the form of practical advice and site visits. Cold-stored strawberries from Mazzoni are  A– (4-5mm) to A++ (13-16mm) class, depending on variety:


CleryCLERY – Very early variety (early May), Ferrara, Italy.

Characterized by good vigour and rusticity, it shows a very high tolerance to leaf and root diseases. Leaves are mid-sized, light green, flower is below or even with the foliage, fruit is regular conical shape, bright, medium red in colour, very firm, sweet with good flavour. The fruit is very resistant and of excellent quality.


Antea1ANTEA – Early variety (starting 10.05.), Ferrara, Italy.

Antea is characterized by excellent production due to its commercial quality and excellent flavour. Fruit is a long-conical shape and uniform, medium-large size. Very attractive colour, bright red and stays this way during advanced ripening. The flesh is firm and the epidermis is resistant to handling and high temperatures. Harvesting season: 5 days after Clery


MadeleinMADELEINE – Early variety (starting 10.05.), Ferrara, Italy.
Very productive plant, vigorous and performs well on heavy soils. Foliage is intensively green, flower above the foliage, medium-large in size and very rich in pollen. Harvesting season: early – 6 days before Elsanta. Fruit is a long-conical shape and very attractive, large in size and even. The surface is medium red, vibrant and very bright, the achenes are either slightly sunken or at the same level as the surface. The flesh is a bright, red colour, it is very firm even when the fruit is fully ripe.


jolyJOLY – Mid-early variety (starting 15.05.), Ferrara, Italy.

The plant has medium vigour, not overly dense foliage and an upright habit. Rustic plant, quite resistant to leaf and root diseases. Flower is rich in pollen, slightly below the foliage. Fruit is conical shape, bright red, very sweet in flavor and superb fragrance.


ElsantaELSANTA – Mid-early variety (starting 15.05.), Vegeningen, Netherlands, imported form Italy.
Plant of high vigour and erect habit, with excellent productivity. The plant is slightly sensitive to Oidium and Colletotrichum and is rather sensitive to Phytophthora cactorum, Fragaria and Verticillium, also to winter cold. Large size flower, rich in pollen, below foliage. Fruit of large size, conical or round shape, bright red colour and medium calyx. The flesh is firm and juicy, with an excellent flavour and very aromatic. Long petioles, easy to pick.


MarmoladaMARMOLADA – Mid-late variety (starting 20.05.) Ferrara, Italy.

The plant has medium vigour and upright habit.  Highly productive, resistant to low temperatures.  It is slightly sensitive to Oidium and rather sensitive to Botritis. Flower is emerging from the foliage with a large corolla and rich in pollen. Harvesting season: mid, 3 days after Elsanta. Fruit is medium-large, or regular conical-shape, sometimes the first fruits are slightly irregular, with a pointed top and generally flat bottom, medium-sized calyx and sepals, and quite easy to pick. Surface of even, red colour, medium vibrancy and very bright. The achenes are below the surface. Intense red flesh when completely mature, firm, medium sweetness and acidity and fairly aromatic. There is a small cavity inside. Resistant to handling and transportation.


ArosaAROSA – Late variety (starting 25.05.) Ferrara, Italy.

Plant of medium vigour, erect habit and medium density with light green leaves. Highly productive. Flower is even with the foliage, mid-sized, very rich in pollen. It’s not an everbearing variety. Harvesting season: 1-2days after Marmolade. The fruit has a conical and regular shape, the colour is bright red also on fully ripe fruits. Fully ripe fruit is very sweet and highly scented, with a good balance of sugar and acidity.



Fruit is characterised by medium-small fruit, dark colour, with quite firm flesh, good flavour and vibrant red colour.


Strawberry fields 2014 of Clery and Joly variety

These are fields with Clery and Joly, A– class, planted in July 2014 under the supervision of our expert agronomists.