About us


Company Agro-FertiCrop is based in Subotica, Serbia. Since 2001 we successfully represent and distribute products of leading world and European companies in the field of agriculture: Yara (Norwegian manufacturer of mineral fertilizers), Klasmann-Deilmann (German peat and substrate manufacturer), Memon (Dutch organic fertilizer manufacturer) and K + S Kali (German manufacturer of magnesium and potassium). AFC also distribute high quality strawberry frozen seedlings and BIBAUM pear and apple seedlings by Mazzoni – the largest Italian producer of planting fruit material, vegetable seedlings by company Grow Rasad (Irig, Serbia) and cherry seedlings.

AFC is supplying Serbian market with high quality products and in the same time strives to help Serbian farmers to achieve high and stable yields of good quality by different activities: direct contacts and visits to agricultural chemists and producers, organizing numerous trainings and presentations, running experimental plantings, as well as the services of soil sampling using GPS navigation system and providing fertilizing recommendation according to soil analysis results.