Meridiem Seeds

Agro-FertiCrop is a general agent of Spanish company MERIDIEM SEEDS for region of Serbia, Montenegro, FYR Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

MERIDIEM SEEDS is renowned company in the field of production, sales and marketing of  professional seeds. Its modern research center produces new, resistant hybrids each year.

Agro-FertiCrop offers the following MS seeds:

  • tomato
  • cucumber
  • pepper
  • lettuce
  • watermelon
  • melon

You can get more information from our experts.

Here are results of our three-year experimental crops of cucumber Zingaro and tomato Korado, suitable for greenhouse/hothouse/open field production.

Harvest of tomato KORADO 31.10.2014  in Leskovac:

Cucumber ZINGARO: