Manure substitute

The Dutch company Memon produces organic manure fertilizers in industrial conditions. There are two Memon products available on Serbian market: 


What are advantages of processed organic fertilizers in comparison to fresh manure?

  1. Contain no salmonella and toxins
  2. Contain no root remains or weedy seed
  3. Contain enough nutrients
  4. Total release of nitrogen
  5. Rich in trace elements
  6. High percentage of stable organic matter
  7. High percentage of dry matter
  8. Good and fast dissolution
  9. Easy to apply
  10. No pollution and moisture during storage

High costs of transportation, difficult application and lack of quality manure on domestic market are factors that additionally favors usage of processed organic fertilizers.


  • Higher yields
  • Time savings
  • Money savings (no pathogens)
  • Guaranteed quantity of nutrients


FERTOR is organic fertilizer in the shape of pellets. It is produced of 100% chicken manure with addition of organic substances of plant origin which increase and improve the nutritional value of fertilizer. Together with basic elements (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium) FERTOR contains trace elements (iron, manganese, boron, zinc and copper). Some macro- and trace elements contained in fertilizer are easily accessible to plant, while others have been released gradually throughout the growing season. FERTOR can be stored in original packaging well during a longer period of time due to high share of dry matter. It is suitable for all crops and can be applied manually or mechanically.

Content: 25/1, 5/1.


SIFORGA is 100% chicken manure organic fertilizer in the shape of granules. It contains high percentage of organic matter and gradually releases nutrients during the growth of plants enabling the maximum effect. It can be stored in original packaging well during a long period of time due to high share of dry matter. SIFORGA is specially designed for crops that require more nitrogen and potassium. It is suitable for mechanical application due to 1-5mm granules, similar to mineral fertilizers. It is suitable for all crops, lawns and sport fields. SIFORGA contains a high percentage of potassium and calcium which are essential for all fruit-bearing crops: pepper, tomato, cucumber, melon, grapes and fruits.

Content: 25/1, 5/1.