K+S Kali

k+s kali logoK+S Kali is one of the world’s leading producers of potassium and  magnesium salts, in production of fertilizers, pharmacy and industry.  It was founded in Germany 125 years ago. Today it is a multinational company with production plants in Europe, North and South America and distribution centers throughout the world.

Agro-FERTICROP offers the following products of K + S Kali:

  • PATENTKALI® – granulated

  • KALISOP® – granulated and powder

  • EPSO Top®

PATENTKALI® granulated (30% K2O, 10% MgO, 42% SO3)

PATENTKALI® is a granular potassium fertilizer (30%) with high magnesium (10%) and sulfur (42%) content. Potassium as the essential macroelement in this fertilizer is in its highest quality – sulphate, and as such it easily dissolves in contact with moisture and becomes directly accessible to plants. The advantages of this fertilizer are multiple: it is suitable for use on all soil types since the efficiency does not depend on the pH of the soil, the granules are uniform and which ensures uniform distribution during application, it is safe for use in production of plant cultures sensitive to chlorine because it is classified as chlorine-free fertilizer (Cl <3%), the presence of magnesium improves the potassium absorption by plants. PATENTKALI® is certified for use in organic plant production according to Regulations (EC) 834/2007 and (EC) 889/2008.

KALISOP® – POTASSIUM SULPHATE granulated (50% K2O, 45% SO3)


KALISOP® is highly concentrated two-component fertilizer containing 50%  of K2O and 45% of SO3. It is a water soluble fertilizer, which provides plant with direct access to nutrients. It contains traces of chlorine, so it is ideal for use in cultures sensitive to chlorine. Due to the high sulfur content KALISOP® is especially suitable for plants with high requirements to sulfur, such as rapeseed, sunflower, brassicas, onion, leek. Sulfur also increases  efficiency of nitrogen fertilizers and thus have a positive influence on the yield and quality of products. KALISOP® improves the coloration of fruit and vegetables, increases the sugar content and acidity, gives stronger flavor to the fruits, making final product more attractive to consumers. KALISOP® has a positive impact on strengthening the plant tissue, which enables better storage of yields. KALISOP® is a product of natural salt deposits in Europe which were formed by evaporation of sea water millions of years ago. Due to the natural origin of this fertilizer and its minimal processing, KALISOP® is authorized for use in organic production.

Application:KALISOP® is recommended to use in spring, before sowing /planting, but can also be used for fertilization of crops during the growing season.The optimum amount of fertilizer is determined on the basis of potassium content in the soil plants’ need for potassium and expected yield. The recommendations given in the table below are the guidelines for the application of KALISOP® fertilizers in the soil with average potassium content and medium to high expected quantity of yields.

Crop KALISOP® (kg / ha)
Potato 200-600
Oilseeds 200-400
Tobacco 200-400
Vegetables 200-600
Tomato 300-600
Pepper 200-300
Cucumber/Melon 200-400
Onion 200-400
Cabbage 400-800
Hop 200-300
Fruits 300-500
Vine 100-300


EPSO Top® is 100% water soluble fertilizer suitable for foliar application and application through drip systems. EPSO Top® can also be applied on the soil in the case of lack of Mg content in the soil or growing phase when plant’s need for Mg is highest. Magnesium is one of the key elements that affect the yield and quality. This element is located in the chlorophyll (green pigment that gives the color of the plant), and thus has an important role in photosynthesis. Lack of Mg can occur in the phase of intensive growth of the plant. This deficiency can be easily and successfully overcame by foliar application of EPSO TOP®. This fertilizer contains magnesium in the form of sulphate. Sulfur is a nutrient element that positively affects the ability of plant to adopt accessible nitrogen and thus has an important role in achieving high and quality yield. EPSO Top® is a product of natural salt deposits in Europe which were formed by evaporation of sea water millions of years ago. Due to the natural origin of this fertilizer and its minimal processing, EPSO TOP® authorized for use in organic production.