Klasmann – Deilmann is a German manufacturer of substrates and peat designed for the production of quality seedlings of vegetables and flowers, as well as the substrate for rooting of cuttings, production of flowering and non-flowering pot plants, ornamental shrubs and bushes.

We offer over 20 different substrates and peat in various packages designed for both professional and hobby producers.

Production of seedlings is the most complex and delicate stage in crop production. It is known that mistakes that occur at this stage can’t be corrected by any later agricultural measures, are leading to a significant decline in the quality and yield reduction. One of the key factors in nursery production is high-quality substrate. It has to be absolutely clean – with no remains of plants, roots and weed seeds, no plant diseases and pests and to have a favorable-optimal water and air regime, stable structure, optimum pH value and optimal ratio of available nutrients. Usage of high-quality substrate stimulates the growth and development of young plants and reduces the time required for the production of seedlings. The seedlings produced in Klasmann substrates have a well developed root system which relieve their stress and facilitate recovery after transplanting, and accelerate plant growth.