Grow rasad


Grow Rasad company was established in 2009 as a result of merging of Serbian and Dutch capital, equipment and knowledge with the aim to become a regional leader in seedling production. Vegetable seedlings produced in Grow Rasad are intended for further open air- and greenhouse production.

Thanks to modern equipment and ideal microclimate, produced seedlings are in excellent shape just before planting. These seedlings have a high potential yield. Grow Rasad cooperates with all seed producers in Serbia and thus can provide seeds of each hybrid used in vegetable production. Modern sowing machines enable production of different seedlings types, adjustable to different planting time.

Seedlings are distributed in plastic returnable containers.

Don’t hesitate to contact our experts for further information:

Anđelko Mišković PhD, General Manager – mobile phone: +381 63 562 573
Ljubiša Lukić, Agricultural Engineer – mobile phone: +381 62 471 494

Grow Rasad
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