The Bibaum® apple day in Vrbas, August 2017

Dan polja Bibaum Vrbas 2017 (36)

Agro-FertiCrop and Agricultural Extension Service Vrbas organized one day event -The Bibaum® Apple Day on August 17th 2017. It was held in Agricultural Extension Service Vrbas’ experimental orchard that has been planted by Agro-FertiCrop as a “turnkey” project in April 2015.
In only 2 years, exceptional results this orchard have been achieved thanks to cooperation of AFC, AES Vrbas and the producer of Bibaum® apple seedlings – Mazzoni from Italy.
The main goal of this event was to inform farmers and agricultural experts about advantages and importance of new technologies in fruit growing and to show, in a practical example, how an Italian model of Bibaum® apple growing can help reduce costs and ensure high and stable yield followed by top quality.

For more information, watch the following video.